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Walker New Equipment

How about getting the most out of what you do? Walker's compact size and maneuverability allows you to mow and trim small landscaped areas while reducing labor in places where other rider mowers simply won't fit and walk-behind mowers or trimmers would be used instead. Berms, rolling contours, irregular areas, curbs, street dividers and virtually any other area that can be cut by a walkbehind mower can be mowed faster and more efficiently with a Walker. With a variety of interchangeable deck sizes up to 74 inches, Walker handles the larger jobs too. Many Walker owners report their jobs are completed 33 percent to 50 percent faster thanks to the quick maneuverability, reduced operator fatigue and eliminating secondary trimming. With a powerful, compact tractor, Walker offers the efficiency of one machine mowing and trimming the whole job in open areas and small areas as well.

Manufacturer's Website: http://www.walkermowers.com/